A window on my world

Since 1972 I have taken many photographs professionally of horses and dogs posed in private settings and at shows.

In the meantime I took many other photos as a hobby, mainly in colour, of other subjects as they arose - pretty pictures of scenery, sunsets, sunrises, birds, cats, flowers, insects, in fact anything that appealed to me at that particular time and place. Most of them by the happy chance of being in the right place at the right time, sometimes intentionally.

Most of those photos will gradually be put together in various albums accessible from this page, just for your reference and enjoyment, and with no commercial push. This is going to be a long process as there are tens of thousands of choices to be made so keep on looking back.

I do hope that you enjoy what you see.

Michael Trafford

Dog Breed Photos

Almost 2,000 signed photos
of well over 100 Dog Breeds
from around the World

Cat Photos

A growing collection
of signed Cat Photos
Including Maine Coon,
Abyssinian, Ocicat, Ragdoll,
Bengal, Siamese, Pixie Bob

Bird Photos

An expanding collection of
hundreds of signed
Bird Photos, mainly of Australian Native Birds.


Some exotics, some garden, some roadside, some native and some weeds.
All attractive

Scenic Photos

My own travel photos of scenery and objects, displayed on Google Earth


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